Biologic cleaning tank MAROLOBIO 80 + 80L. washing solution + 4 pills

Product code : 801254

Washing Solution is free of any toxic products, totally non-inflammable and odourless, the solution is regenerated by micro-organism tablets that optimise the product's useful life Ecological: No solvent means, no VOCs ; The MaroloBio cleaning tank create no pollution. Safe: For user's health (no toxic products)High-performance : The cleaning efficiency is constant because of the action of micro-organisms constantly regenerating the solution ergonomic and comfortable : The MaroloBio cleaning tank has been designed to provide the user with maximum comfort (solution temperature: 38 °) Economic: We offer you monthly hire with the option to purchase ; You know in advance the precise cost of using your cleaning tank Various applications : degreasing of mechanical parts.This non-polluting product frees you from any refuse plant regulations and other waste disposal procedures. Capacity: 100 L  Dimensions of the fountain : 940 X 880 X 1080 mm Dimensions of the sink : 750 X 450 X 200 mm Capacity of the sink: 150 Kg Power supply: 220 V single phase.