Lift 1200 W

1 lift - 5 major benefits


  1. Easy bike control

The extra flat lift makes it extremely easy to navigate a bike with low ground clearance. Forget about a bike hanging at the edge of a lift or, worse, scratching the suspension. And, with the platform of the lift so low, any service technician can easily push a bike onto it. Also, thanks to the automatic wheel clamp it is not necessary to struggle for balance when getting the bike onto the lift. No need to lean down – the clamp closes automatically when touching a special yellow bar. Releasing the clamp is equally easy - just press the button and the clamp opens automatically.


  1. Improved shop productivity

The flat lift is a perfect addition to an ”Express Lane Service”. Coupled with the ”Mini Pneumatic Lift” accessory, the lift can be jacked up in less than 60 seconds! And, the elevated edges of the lift prevent your tools from falling down.


  1. Safety

The MaroLow extra flat is equipped with a short automatic run-up ramp that folds underneath when the lift is up. No more carrying cumbersome and heavy ramps that take away a technician’s time and might compromise their safety. And, the foldable front gate enables quick and easy access to the front of the bike.


  1. Easy to add in your existing shop

You don’t have to demolish the shop floor and pour concrete to anchor an in-ground lift. The 1200 W flat lift is low enough to ensure comfortable operating with no construction works needed.


  1. Impressing your customers

When you let your customers watch you fix their bike through an observation window, you want to show off your best. Having the latest lift technology on display in your service area will ensure that bike owners know they have left their babies in good hands.


Product code : 804400


For all type of bikes, especially heavy bikes and/or with low ground clearance


2300 x 750 mm
90,5” x 29,5”

Maximum height

1200 mm / 47”

Minimum height

80 mm / 3”


600 kg / 1320 lbs.

Standard accessories

  • Double jack and safety valves
  • Automatic and wide run-up ramp (200 x 580 x H80 mm, 7,9” x 22,8” x H3”)
  • Platform in checker plate
  • Wide rear trap door (300 mm/12”)
  • Foldable front gate

Additional accessories

  • MotoFixe NG model – automatic wheel clamp
  • MotoFixe Automatic – fully automatic wheel clamp

Control panel

the pump is located externally: either in a lateral control panel (1200 W) or integrated into a cabinet (1200WI)

Power supply

230 V – 50 Hz / 110 V – 60 Hz

8 bar / 110 PSI (compressed air)